Frequently Asked Questions

What is SkyTab?

SkyTab is a cutting-edge pay-at-the-table solution that combines state-of-the-art hardware with simple and intuitive software to deliver an exceptional experience for both restaurant servers and customers. SkyTab is fully integrated with the POS system for seamless operation.

What features does SkyTab include?
  • View a list of all restaurant checks or filter by server
  • View check details
  • Reorder existing items from the check (full ordering functionality coming soon)
  • Guest-facing pay-at-the-table
  • Pay in full or split payment
  • Add tips
  • Customer satisfaction survey with immediate manager notifications to facilitate guest engagement and avoid negative online reviews
  • Customer email addresses are automatically added to your customer database in Lighthouse to allow for the easy creation of marketing campaigns.
What are the benefits of SkyTab?
  • Increase operational efficiency – Serve customers and turn tables faster by eliminating the need for your servers to walk back and forth to the POS system.
  • Improve your online reputation – Prompt customers to rate their experience and alert management when a patron isn’t satisfied.
  • Build your marketing database – Collect customer email addresses to populate your marketing database and increase repeat business.
  • Secure your payments – By utilizing EMV chip technology in combination with point-to-point encryption, you can ensure your payment data is protected.
What payment types can be accepted through SkyTab?

SkyTab supports EMV chip cards, NFC contactless cards, traditional swiped card transactions, and NFC mobile wallets including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and more.

How do I configure SkyTab?

SkyTab is fully integrated with the Lighthouse Business Management System, and that is where you can adjust various SkyTab settings. Adjustable settings include:

  • Business logo
  • Default tip percentages
  • Manager alert threshold for customer ratings
  • Manager phone number and email for rating alerts
  • Additional customer information fields
  • Ability to split payments
Does SkyTab have a cellular connection if I am outside of Wi-Fi range?

Yes – SkyTab supports 4G connectivity for areas outside Wi-Fi coverage, including for delivery drivers, outside dining areas, and other scenarios. 4G requires the addition of a compatible SIM card.

Who should I contact for assistance if I have any issues?

You can always contact your POS sales representative. If you need additional assistance, you can call 866.374.8865 or email [email protected].

What happens if a device breaks?

Contact SkyTab support at 866.374.8865 or [email protected] and a replacement device will be provided at no charge (only shipping charges apply) as long as the damage was due to normal usage.

How often should I charge my SkyTab devices?

We recommend that you recharge your SkyTab devices daily, although they should hold a charge longer than that.

Can I increase the default tip amount?

Yes, all settings can be adjusted in Lighthouse.

Can I add my logo on the screen?

Yes, branding customization can be updated Lighthouse.

How do I receive software updates on my SkyTab devices?

Your SkyTab devices must be powered down to receive software updates, so we recommend shutting them o each night or at least once a week to ensure your software is up to date.